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What is a Belgian Tervuren

Belgian TervurenThere are few breeds more physically striking than the Belgian Tervuren. Dark, intelligent eyes gaze from a black-muzzled face. The dog's body hair is moderately long, though more abundant in mature males, and is of a base color ranging from warm fawn to fiery mahogany, overlaid with a veil of black. The underbelly and leg fringes are typically a lighter shade of the same color.

In describing the physical structure of the animal, perhaps "moderate" is the best word. There should be no feature of the dog which is excessive. Ideal size, measured at the withers, is 25 inches for males and 23 inches for females. The head is elegant and long, without being excessively so, and is set off by high-set, erect ears of small to medium size. The body is evenly proportioned, being neither too long nor too short, so that its length is approximately equal to its height at the withers. The total visual effect of the ideal dog is that it is perfectly balanced and stands squarely on all four feet. The Standard describes the Tervuren in detail ( American Belgian Tervuren Club web site).

While Belgian Tervuren make wonderful companions and can excel in many areas, they are not a breed for everyone. They are playful, energetic dogs who demand personal attention every day. Although many dogs who have gone through the rescue program participate in a variety of performance venues, BTR’s primary concern is to find homes where they will be valued members of the family.

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