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Most Often Asked Questions About the Belgian Tervuren

  • Temperament?
    Most rescue dogs have stable, loving temperaments. Some dogs may have a higher energy level than others and some may not do well with young children or small animals. BTR Inc. is dedicated to provide new owners with healthy Tervuren that are of good temperament. The program will not knowingly place a Tervuren for adoption with a temperament problem that cannot be resolved through routine training methods.
  • Are they healthy?
    Prior to adoption, all Tervuren in the BTR program will be current on vaccinations, free from parasites, clear of heartworm, micro-chipped and spayed/neutered. On occasion, a rescue dog that has been badly abused or neglected may still be in the recovery stage at the time it is placed but the new adopter will have full knowledge of the care requirements necessary for Belgain Tervurenrehabilitation. BTR Inc. cannot guarantee the health of rescue dogs. Dogs with chronic health problems, or conditions that would be cost-prohibitive to cure,cannot be completely cured, and/or which would cause long-term financial strain or stress to a new owner will not be placed.  
  • Where do rescues come from?
    Most abandoned or unwanted Tervs became that way through no fault of their own. Most Tervuren in need of rescue are dogs owned by individuals who are no longer willing or able to keep them. The reasons are varied and include changes in the family unit (divorce, new baby, etc.), the dog’s behavior cannot be properly managed, or, the family’s priorities change and no longer include the dog. Many of Tervuren in need of rescue are either turned into animal shelters or are picked up as strays. Most Belgian Tervuren which end up in the rescue program are between two and eight years of age. It is unusual for a puppy less than a year old to be involved in the BTR program. There is no upper age limit for dogs that are accepted into the program.
  • How much does it cost?
    The adoption fee is $200 for dogs over one year of age, $300 for puppies under one year of age, or the cost of expenses incurred on behalf of each individual dog. Adoptive homes are also responsible for all transportation costs required to re-locate the dog to its new home.
  • Can a rescue Tervuren adjust to a new home? Will it bond as well as a puppy?
    Absolutely! The Rescue Program would not exist if rescued Tervuren were unable to successfully adjust to a new home and family. Adult dogs that are placed into loving homes develop a strong bond with their new family - just as strong as if they had been raised from puppyhood. In fact, there are many advantages to adopting a grown dog instead of a puppy:
    • They are already housebroken and past the destructive stage.
    • They have reached mature size.
    • The quality of their temperament is already known.
  • Do you have puppies?
    We occasionally have puppies but fortunately not very often.

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